i need feminism because when jesus does a magic trick it’s a goddamn miracle but when a woman does a magic trick she gets burned at the stake


i mean they did also kill jesus. that was a pretty significant thing that happened. like i understand where you’re coming from here but they very much did kill jesus.



oh god you know me to well i just snorted in the library. 

watching 30 rock over again just reinforces that

  1. 30 rock>parks and rec
  2. tina fey>amy poehler 

the tiny boxes that look like churches along the highways in greece are really cute until you realize that they mark the place where someone has died in a road accident.

John Mayer Covers Beyonce’s “XO”



John Mayer recently covered Beyonce’s “XO.” Check out the cover below after the jump.

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this is of upmost importance. 

there is a restaurant in el slavador called take a wok

Tablet exclusive images of Chris Messina in GQ

still the realest video on youtube.

next time someone asks me if I’m greek i’m just gonna play along with it. 

Kush Coma (Prod. By SKYWLKR)
Danny Brown Feat. Asap Rocky & Zelooperz — PLAYED 3,503 TIMES


Danny Brown Feat. Asap Rocky & Zelooperz - Kush Coma (Prod. By SKYWLKR)

the scene from little miss sunshine when dwayne finds out he’s colorblind is the only scene in any movie thats guaranteed to make me cry